Our customers enjoy a dedicated, in-house fleet of drivers in each capital city that provide efficient, dependable and fully insured freight solutions exclusively to fashion retail high streets and shopping centres. Some of the perks our retail transport customers enjoy include:

  • Carton, satchels and GOH (garment on hanger) service.
  • Scheduled daily driver routes to improve efficiency.
  • A range of delivery options available:
    • Store-to-store.
    • Store-DFO’s or DC.
    • DC-to-store.
    • Special retail projects.
  • Monthly operational and financial reports.
  • Professional and premium customer service.
  • Item level tracking and PODs

In-house Retail Delivery Fleet

We take pride in having our own dedicated freight fleet on hand to service all of our fashion retail customers — giving you a reliable and professional solution to all your retail fashion freight requirements. Because we don’t outsource, our drivers are ready to handle your delivery needs and requests at any time of the day, so there’s no need for advanced bookings.

Modern, Integrated Technologies

Using the latest in supply chain technology and completely integrated freight management systems, you’ll always be just a few clicks away from knowing where your stock is in real-time. We also utilise optimised route planning practices to ensure your merchandise reaches its destination exactly when it needs to — so you can worry less and concentrate on what’s important. When it comes to retail fashion freight solutions, elite logistics australia should be your first port of call.

At elite logistics australia, we’re all about seamless and integrated fashion freight solutions. Contact our representatives today to find out how we can modernise your retail logistics.

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