• Our journey began under the name elite retail logistics (ERL) which had been operating in and around fashion and the retail sector — providing logistics solutions to some of Australia’s largest retailers for over 15 years. Initially, we were primarily servicing the Adelaide retail market which was soon followed by Brisbane (SWT), Perth (Elite Transport) and Melbourne (ERL).

  • On the 1st of January 2020, elite logistics australia acquired the Melbourne arm of ERL.

  • On the 1st of July 2020, all state-based businesses integrated and created a national entity providing predominately store-to-store and DC-to-store transfers with a sole focus on the fashion and retail market.

  • The next exciting chapter occurred shortly after and saw elite logistics australia acquire CS Logistics on the 27th of July. This involved the acquisition of a 23,500 m3 warehouse facility in Melbourne. This recent procurement enabled elite to become a major player in warehousing, pick and pack and retail transport. It also allowed us to provide complete domestic logistic solutions supported by world-class enterprise technology and accountability.

Aligning yourself with an innovative market leader such as elite will assure your business a continued supply of high-quality support and value for the markets we service together. It is through our unique commitments to communication and personalised service that elite logistics australia are skilfully positioned to meet your needs, exceed your expectations and deliver efficient logistic solutions.

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