About the footwear retail company

Our client is an Australian-owned company specialising in a wide range of footwear, including school shoes, sandals, boots, casual sneakers, etc. The business has existed since 1962, and over the years has grown into one of the leading wholesalers of shoes in the country.

With over 6 brands available in 350 stores through the Australian Retail Network, it has become one of the most prominent wholesalers of shoes in the country.

the challenge

deliver stock into 50 stores across 4 major cities

The client required all freight to be drip fed into stores with a deadline of the back-to-school catalogue release. Usually, this type of fashion freight management would be difficult to get organised with a larger logistics company. A larger 3pl retail logistics supplier would not have been able to achieve such a targeted and flexible approach to the delivery schedule. Their minimum delivery capacity would not allow for the capabilities to continuously supply a precise amount of stock. Large single deliveries would have overwhelmed the stock rooms within the client’s stores by dumping everything all at once. Meanwhile, a smaller 3pl logistics provider wouldn’t have been able to handle such a large stock capacity over such a broad region.

“We contracted elite to rollout a major retail injection of promotional stock into our 50 stores across 4 major cities in Australia. They embraced the project planning with a no fuss can do attitude. Then went about delivering on their promise of delivery on time to our stores in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Their communication on the rollout progress and instore presence and manners was impeccable. Well done to the elite team of drivers and managers.”

– Client

how Elite Logistics Australia solved the issue

ELA provided retail logistics solutions to each retail store with a consultative approach. ELA collaborated with the client to organise a freight management delivery schedule and strategy before the process began, organising the number of pallets and a delivery schedule to optimise the distribution of stock across the stores.

However, the schedule and stock were modified according to the feedback from each store and drip-fed accordingly across the campaign timeline to ensure an appropriate amount of stock was reaching each retail outlet. We fed the stock into stores and stock rooms with a planned number of cartons to ensure they weren’t overwhelmed with freight.

Elite Logistics Australia was in a unique position to provide the perfect 3pl logistics solution to the client as we had the carrying capacity of a larger carrier, but the personalised service of a smaller provider. Drip feeding also allowed for flexibility on orders if a specific item was more, or less popular than expected – stock numbers could quickly be adjusted to match market demand. Elite Logistics’ frequent store-to-store capabilities also allowed the stock to be transferred between retail stores quickly to improve customer satisfaction.

the results speak for themselves

100% day & time specific

accurate 3pl logistics solutions through all store open hours

18 containers of stock

delivered by hand in the busy christmas period.

180 stores

at high streets, shopping centres and retail outlets across 4 states.

15,000 cartons

drip-fed 3pl logistics solution to match site's requirements.

at Elite logistics Australia, we're all about seamless and integrated fashion freight solutions. Contact our representatives today to find out how we can modernise your retail logistics.

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