About the client

The client is an Australian packaging company. They provide packaging solutions to some of Australia’s largest retail stores, with a variety of sizes ranging from larger products such as boxes and bags to smaller plastic bags.

the challenge

The client previously was serviced by a smaller 3PL warehouse provider that couldn’t supply them with the quality of information they were seeking. Due to the smaller size and budget, the old carrier was using excel for invoicing. This system wasn’t automated, became very time consuming, and didn’t have any of the in-built verifications, checks and balances that other, larger industry standard systems provide. We know this because our team at Elite Logistics Australia used a similar platform many years ago. The old 3pl warehouse carrier was picking products by hand, and had poor package verification and visibility, ultimately resulting in reduced DIFOT metrics, inconsistencies, and unsatisfied customers.

The packaging company contacted Elite Logistics to try and improve their invoicing system, upgrade the reporting capabilities, and increase the quality of verification. They wanted to ensure their 3pl warehouse products were consolidated and that the packages were traceable, visible and were correctly labelled.

what we did

At Elite Logistics Australia, our customers like to receive invoices on time and with transparency. Therefore, we upgraded our in-house reporting and invoicing systems to increase the in-built automation and verification systems. This reduced the circumstances prone to human error and increased trust in the carrier to client relationship.

With ELA’s invoicing system, the customer receives weekly invoicing reports, and can additionally review any information provided by the system with live updates. Both the client and Elite Logistics can review any large tasks that occur, such as interstate orders for large pallets. Without our invoicing system, clients may second guess whether tasks were completed, and have things slip through. However, with ELA’s invoicing system, all the information is readily available and verifiable. The system automatically checks for double charging and flags any abnormal claims, so that they can be investigated on both the client and carrier side.

Additionally, the account manager can check off reporting and dimensions of products during the 3pl warehouse packing phase. When ELA is only completing part of the logistics framework for clients, we often rely on third party reporting of data such as dimensions, quantity etc. Having this reporting software integrated acts as a secondary failsafe layer.

The Result

Prior to partnering with ELA, the packaging company faced challenges in obtaining comprehensive information from various providers. With ELA as their sole 3PL warehouse service provider, the client now benefits from streamlined information flow. All data seamlessly integrates with their third-party transport provider, eliminating information gaps and ensuring a smooth exchange of critical details.

If the client has any information requests, ELA can provide all activity information on our end, accounted for on a weekly basis. By providing weekly reports, ELA ensures that the client remains informed about every aspect of their 3PL warehouse operations. From product inventory management to shipment status updates, the company gains full visibility into the processes, even before invoicing occurs.

The inclusion of Elite Logistic Australia’s 3pl warehouse invoicing platform helps provide our clients with comfort and certainty that they are receiving accurate, detailed, and up to date information about all orders. Additionally, they can easily verify and follow up on any mistakes that occur.

“elite has offered an end-to-end supply chain solution that kept our customers happy and information transparent. Our products are kept clean and orderly which has enabled a seamless year-end audit.”

the results speak for themselves

Weekly invoices

Improved DIFOT

100% visibility and transparency

At elite logistics Australia, we pride ourselves on offering seamless and integrated pick and pack warehousing solutions. Find out how we can tailor your retail logistics by contacting our representatives today.

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