About the client

Unlabelled is a small social enterprise with a mission to reduce the incidence of youth suicide. A non-for-profit organisation, Unlabelled has a range of affordable everyday skincare and body wash products that are now sold in some of Australia’s largest retail outlets, alongside their online website. 100% of profits from the sale of products are directed towards charity organisations that help prevent youth suicide within Australia.

The challenge

Unlabelled faced significant challenges with their previous supplier’s retail logistics operations, which were unable to accommodate the brand’s rapid growth and evolving B2B and B2C requirements. Previously, Unlabelled had been working with separate wholesalers for storage, however, they faced logistical complexities due to the lack of a dedicated warehouse facility. These challenges were further compounded by the stringent demands of some of Australia’s largest wholesaler customers, which included specific labelling, stacking, packing, and booking time requirements.

Unlabelled’s previous providers struggled to meet the unique needs of their B2B services, hindering their ability to efficiently process store orders and comply with the strict standards set by their prominent wholesale partners.

Our Solutions

The Solution: Elite Logistics Australia stepped in to address Unlabelled’s multifaceted retail logistics and warehousing needs. Our comprehensive solutions included the provision of a dedicated warehousing facility, as well as a suite of a 3pl logistics services crucial for expanding their B2B and B2C operations. With Elite Logistics Australia’s support, Unlabelled was finally equipped to penetrate the online market, a feat they couldn’t achieve with their previous supplier.

Our solutions encompassed:

Warehousing Capabilities: Unlabelled started utilising Elite Logistics Australia’s state-of-the-art 3pl warehousing facility, perfectly suited to their storage requirements. This facility allowed for streamlined operations, including labelling, order processing, and packaging dimensions, all vital components for efficient B2B and B2C services.

Market Expansion: Unlabelled’s partnership with Elite Logistics Australia enabled them to expand their market presence, reaching a broader audience through online channels. This newfound flexibility and reach allowed Unlabelled to adapt to changing market dynamics and customer demands.

Meeting Stringent Retailer Requirements: Elite Logistics Australia leveraged its expertise to handle the intricate demands of large-scale retailers, ensuring that Unlabelled could gain access to some of Australia’s biggest retail shelves and bypass many of the small retailer and wholesaler outlets that many companies start off working with due to retail logistics challenges.

IT Integrations and Enhanced Visibility: Elite Logistics Australia’s IT integrations addressed Unlabelled’s previous challenges related to visibility, reporting, and data availability. With our systems in place, Unlabelled gained real-time insights into their logistics operations, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimise their supply chain.


The Results:

By partnering with Elite Logistics Australia, Unlabelled experienced a transformative shift in its retail logistics operations. Our warehousing capabilities, coupled with customised solutions, allowed them to scale their B2B and B2C services seamlessly. Unlabelled’s expansion into the online market became a reality. Ultimately, the result has been a significant increase in the capacity and sale of product units, helping Unlabelled in its mission to raise funds for many of Australia’s leading suicide prevention organisations.

the results speak for themselves

1500% Increase In Outbound Orders

200000+ Units Moved YTD

70% Of Total Orders Now Completed Online

Reliable Access To Australia's Biggest Retailers

Real-time Visibility and Reporting

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