About the client

The client is a dynamic and innovative pet brand, operating in a combination of both online retail and in some of Australia’s largest retail supermarkets, primarily catering to B2C customers. They offer a wide range of pet-related products, encompassing everything from stylish pet clothing and trendy accessories to high-quality pet food. However, the company is a startup concept brand that Elite Logistics Australia has been helping to build from the ground up and providing them with logistics solutions.

The challenge

As the client embarked on their startup journey as a pet industry disruptor, they encountered a host of multifaceted logistical hurdles. Operating at the intersection of online retail and physical presence in large retail supermarkets, the client faced the complex task of streamlining their logistics strategy. Being a startup, the need for a 3pl warehouse provider that could scale with their business was paramount. Moreover, they had a critical launch deadline to meet, necessitating the seamless coordination of product flows from numerous suppliers. However, the complexity deepened as the client had to orchestrate these suppliers to deliver products to large retailers in precise manufacturing order. This strategic requirement was crucial to ensure that items could be accurately stocked, tracked, and recalled, (if necessary), while also adhering to strict expiry date regulations. The challenge was not only about securing a warehouse but also about optimising the entire supply chain for efficient, organised, and timely deliveries to large-scale retailers.


First In First Out

To ensure efficient product management, the company handles multiple suppliers. These suppliers must be well-coordinated for distributing items to retail stores. Large retailers require that products arrive in the order they were manufactured. This practice, known as the ‘First In, First Out’ system, helps retailers stock their shelves systematically and manage stock issues and recalls effectively. Moreover, for items with use-by or expiry dates, they must be delivered 90 days before the expiry date. Importantly, this system mandates that products cannot be sent in the wrong order. For example, if products were manufactured in July, they won’t accept items made earlier in June. This system ensures that older stock is sold first, minimising waste, and ensuring the freshest products are available to customers.

Our Solutions

Elite Logistics Australia stepped in to address the client’s multifaceted logistics challenges. Our comprehensive solution included:

Warehousing Facility: ELA provided a dedicated  3PL warehousing facility, offering the necessary space and infrastructure for its diverse product range.

Integrated Technology: We integrated advanced technology to enhance visibility over all products, ensuring the client could efficiently track, manage, and optimise their inventory.

Batch Date Organisation: ELA worked with the client to organise batch dates, ensuring that products could be delivered in the correct manufacturing order to meet the stringent requirements of large retailers.

Carrier Setup: We handled the setup of carriers, streamlining the transportation process and ensuring that products were delivered on time and in the right order.

The Results:

Elite Logistics Australia’s tailored logistics solutions empowered the client to overcome their logistics challenges and meet the required deadlines. With our warehousing facility and integrated technology, the client gained better control and visibility over their products before their product was launched online and in retail stores. The organised batch dates and carrier setup allowed the client to meet the specific requirements of large-scale retailers, adhering to First In First Out (FIFO) systems and expiry date regulations.

This partnership has positioned the client for success, enabling them to navigate the competitive pet brand market with efficiency and precision.

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