About the client

Purebaby is a leading retailer of baby and children’s apparel. Owned and started in Australia, they have been operating for two decades beginning in 2002. The business operates on a retail sales model that combines online sales and wholesale customers with brick-and-mortar outlets. Many of these outlets are in shopping centres, whilst others are DFOs.

the challenge

Purebaby inquired with Elite Logistics Australia as they were facing challenges with their previous pick and pack warehousing management system. They struggled with a variety of limitations, including a lack of visibility and efficiency. Limitations regarding efficiency included restricted picking capabilities, reliance on picking machinery, time-consuming picking paths, and manual paperwork scanning. Moreover, the client required specific customised order processing and was receiving no visualisation or overview of day-to-day activities, only receiving open and closed OB data from their previous client. The need for a specialised gift-wrapping service added further complexity.

Solution 1 - Streamlined Picking Process with Microlistics

Elite Logistics Australia introduced Microlistics, a cutting-edge warehouse management system, to address PureBaby’s pick and pack warehousing challenges. Microlistics enabled streamlined order picking, assigning up to 18 orders per picker without the need for manual paperwork scanning. Picking trolleys were implemented to hold multiple orders, and the system optimised picking paths, increasing total unit output by an impressive 30%. This solution greatly improved picking efficiency and reduced operational delays.

Solution 2 - Innovative Order Processing with BOL Test Carrier

To enhance order processing accuracy and prevent unnecessary dispatching, Elite Logistics developed a specialised “test carrier.” This carrier acted as a dummy channel to ensure smooth order processing without customer charges for unused connotes. Manual intervention was eliminated, ensuring orders were processed accurately and efficiently.

Solution 3 - Real-time Visibility and Reporting

Elite Logistics provided PureBaby with real-time visibility and comprehensive reporting capabilities. At the end of each day, the client received personalised reports detailing various aspects of their operations, including total outbound closed and remaining orders, connotes tracking to head office, open wholesale order reports, retail order status, priority outbound and status overview, inbound status reports, and weekly stock-on-hand (SOH) and consumable SOH reports. This transparent reporting empowered PureBaby with insights to make informed decisions and optimise their processes.

“Elite Logistics Australia’s attention to detail and seamless process have elevated our client experience to a whole new level. The way they handle everything from packaging to personalised touches showcases their dedication to excellence. Partnering with Elite Logistics has truly added value to our business and delighted our customers.” – Purebaby Online Customer Service Manager

Solution 4 - Elevating Customer Experience with Gift-Wrapping Services

Elite Logistics introduced a personalised gift-wrapping service at the request of the client, enhancing PureBaby’s customer experience. The service included handwritten cards, flatpack gift boxes with tissue paper filling, and garment presentation without prices or plastic. This value-added service delighted customers and set PureBaby apart in their market.

The Results:

Through Elite Logistics Australia’s innovative solutions, PureBaby achieved remarkable improvements in their pick and pack warehousing management and order fulfillment processes. The streamlined picking process and optimised workflows resulted in a 30% increase in total unit output, to 220,000+ total units.  The introduction of Microlistics has enabled PureBaby to handle higher sales volumes efficiently. Real-time visibility and reporting enhanced operational transparency, enabling better decision-making. Additionally, the personalised gift-wrapping service added a unique touch to PureBaby’s offerings, contributing to increased customer satisfaction.

the results speak for themselves

30% Increase in Total Unit Output

220,000 + Total Units moved

Streamlined Pick and pack warehousing Process

Enhanced Order Customisation and Gift-Wrapping Services

Real-time Visibility and Reporting

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