About the client

PureBaby is a leading retailer of baby and children’s apparel. Owned and started in Australia, they have been operating for two decades since beginning in 2002. The business operates on a retail sales model that combines online sales and wholesale customers with brick-and-mortar outlets. Many of these outlets are in shopping centres, whilst others are DFOs.

The Challenge

PureBaby inquired with Elite Logistics Australia as they were unhappy with various transport companies they were previously operating with. The carrier did not allow for the co-ordinated delivery of stock, meaning shipments would arrive during peak trading periods and put the store employees under additional stress.

Managers at stores were unable to roster staff effectively due to the uncertainty of when deliveries would arrive, and the company was overspending on rostered staff while finding themselves sometimes understaffed when deliveries arrived. An additional challenge was that all movements and paperwork were generated at the client’s head office, before being sent to individual local stores. This led to lengthy delays in pickups and deliveries.

PureBaby wanted access to a freight management platform that provided greater visibility of their retail logistics, so they could understand where their stock was at any given moment and when it would be delivered. They also wanted to improve the timeframe of store-to-store orders to improve customer satisfaction.

“We had difficulty co-ordinating stock deliveries into retail stores.”

Using logistics management to streamline stock flow into stores

Elite logistics Australia worked to design a dedicated delivery schedule to each individual PureBaby store – in a manner that allowed for stock to be delivered outside of peak trading times and was suitable for staff rostering. This gave the staff more certainty about when stock would be delivered, and meant they were not frequently overstaffed or understaffed out of uncertainty regarding delivery times.

A local store-to-store delivery service was established using Elite Logistics Australia’s retail transport fleet, to deliver stock quickly and effectively between stores. This led to decreased times between store-to-store orders and improved customer satisfaction.

PureBaby took advantage of ELA’s web-based freight management consigning platform, working with the company IT team to ensure each individual retail store had custom access. The client wanted each store to be able to consign in-store and book pickup online, making the paperwork and administrative aspect more efficient and delivery service more flexible. Elite Logistics collaborated with each store to set up training sessions for the team members via Microsoft Teams, ensuring they were familiar with the new logistics management platform.

An example of a simple feature Elite Logistics Australia introduced:
Upon pick up from the distributing store, the receiving store is notified by email that the special order has been collected and is on its way for customer collection.


The results

By utilising our dedicated freight management platform and detailed tracking capabilities, store managers and staff from PureBaby have much greater visibility and understanding of the stock location and delivery timing. Individual stores can now confidently consign between retail outlets, and customer special orders are completed with greater speed, flexibility, and visibility. By implementing updated methods and partnering with a dedicated and flexible carrier, PureBaby now has the capacity for greater stock numbers to be sold. There are greater scalability capabilities for the company without logistics causing a bottleneck.

“The most measurable benefit is the satisfaction and positive feedback from our retail team members when they know exactly when stock will arrive, and the delivery is made by the same friendly driver every time.”

“We have been most impressed by the personal touch Elite Logistics brings to the account. With close attention to detail, and a continual focus on improvement. I rest easier, knowing the owners of Elite Logistics understand our business and work with us to continue to grow.”

the results speak for themselves

Dedicated delivery schedule

100% DIFOT

Next day store-to-store delivery, 100% guaranteed

Increased scalability potential of the business

Cost savings on more efficient rostering

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