About the client

The client is a Melbourne-based high-end furniture retailer. They provide bespoke furniture for the retail market and designed/architectural homes. Their products include tables, cases, and chairs created from a variety of materials.

The Challenge

Elite Logistics was approached by the retailer to solve a freight management crisis. They had poor visibility over their products with their existing 3pl logistics provider, with freight split over multiple warehouses. They were dealing with poor service and ‘outsourcing upon outsourcing’ so it had become increasingly difficult to keep track of stock. The client wanted a new 3pl provider with full integration, usually a time-consuming process. However, they needed an immediate system start.

Upon meeting with Elite Logistics, the retailer had 6 shipping containers of furniture stuck on the wharf. The price to hold stock was $350 per container per day or up to $10,000 per week. Given the business was bleeding money, they needed stock unloaded, sent to the customers (who were waiting for it) and integrated at the Elite Logistics warehouse within 48 hours. Due to the limited visibility available on their stock, no product details could be provided to Elite Logistics other than simply what was in the container. Weight, height, and other key product details were documented upon arrival at the warehouse.

What We Did

Elite Logistics Australia had to manually count in the stock upon arrival at the warehouse and check for any incorrect labelling or damaged products. Stock had to be sent out to online customers from day 1 of warehouse arrival, meaning the internal Elite Logistics retail transport team had to take over. 45 truckloads of stock had arrived at the warehouse with no freight management or integration systems in place and customers starting to get anxious. A standard integration onboarding process would take around six weeks. Instead, 2000 pallet spaces of stock were all manually hand unloaded, labelled, put away and entered into our Warehouse Management system. Given the nature of the stock: tables and chairs, a forklift was unsuitable.

The Result

Integration was completed within two and a half weeks at 95% capacity. The Elite Logistics IT department setup error messaging to complete root cause analysis of any issues that were come across. A barcode system was setup for all 2000 pallets spaces of stock to ensure order accuracy and greater visibility for the clients. Additionally, Elite Logistics integrated into the client’s transport management system so they could fulfill interstate orders more easily, another area where they struggled previously. To confirm order arrival, photos were required upon delivery to customers, and documented within the in-house freight management platform – including ones that were not delivered, to ensure greater visibility and tracking of orders.

“Elite just made it happen for us. They don’t muck around and made an imperfect world into a perfect one.”

“We used to have to spend our time at the 3PL warehouse managing orders, now we are out selling and growing our business knowing that our 3PL partner can cope with whatever we throw at them.”

the results speak for themselves

95% integration completed in two weeks

2000 pallet spaces of stock manually unloaded

24-hour turnaround time for Day-1 orders

$60,000 saved for the client

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