The Challenge

Often, customers cross-pollinate between our different logistics departments, from utilising our warehousing capabilities to our retail transport and logistics management opportunities. This has led to a challenge for Elite Logistics Australia – building business intelligence reporting capabilities that allow information to flow through to customers across departments. Reporting needed to display visibility, picking & speed details, number of orders, order location and timeframe etc. All are neatly collated for each customer in a single, centralised report.

Retail Logistics Management

At Elite Logistics Australia, we have separate warehouse management systems and freight management systems. The different systems allow for visibility from an internal and external perspective, based on the logistics management requirements of each customer. However, we are required to pool all the information provided by these platforms into one central spot. Often our customers have different platforms such as accounting platforms, front-end POS systems, ERP platforms etc. Elite Logistics has incorporated data from the entire supply chain (warehouse to transport) into one singular report. By relaying all this information in a centralised location, the customer can get a holistic understanding of the supply chain and pick up on potential inconsistencies and areas to improve efficiency. This system helps to keep Elite Logistics Australia accountable as well and provides continual opportunities to improve.

One of the logistics management features we provide our customers is live tracking of all freight. Whenever freight is picked up, the customer receives an email with a live map feed of where the freight is, alongside the consignment number and basic package details. The customers receive an email notification at key points of the freight journey with a link to the tracking map. After delivery is confirmed, customers receive a proof of delivery (POD) with a date, time, order history, photo of receipt and signature. This ensures verification of all deliveries and customers can track who signed for it and hunt down any internal inconsistencies if there is any confusion.

On the flip side, Elite Logistics Australia provides customer service reporting with all key customer metrics to ensure full transparency over freight and logistics management. These reports include metrics such as DIFOT, days in transit, average ‘order received to WH picking’ + average ‘transit days.’ By breaking down the supply chain process into segments, this helps our team and customers assess the cause of inefficiencies.

The results of our logistics management speak for themselves.

Elite Logistics Australia has established a business intelligence warehouse, a way of storing all relevant customer data in incredible detail to ensure verification and accuracy of all orders. This solution has led to our customers and team having a 100% scanning and POD compliance, so all orders can be accounted for upon delivery with certainty.

Our business intelligence reporting has complete transparency, so our customer’s can see exactly what Elite Logistics sees. If there is a mistake on our end, it allows the customer to notify us with immediate proof and we can get on top of the situation easily. Alongside live tracking, businesses receive fully automated yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily reports at 7am every morning to display exactly where everything is.

the results speak for themselves

100% scanning and POD compliance

98% On-time delivery

100% visibility and transparency

100% real time live tracking

At Elite Logistics Australia, we pride ourselves on offering seamless and integrated freight and logistics management. Find out how we can tailor your retail logistics by contacting our representatives today.

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