the importance of efficient 3pl warehouse design

As experts in end-to-end logistics management, our team know that optimised product storage and transport doesn’t have to be complex with the help of an efficient 3pl warehouse. Planning a warehouse layout design can be a costly and difficult process as the storage choices, inventory processing and layout design should ensure a logical cataloguing system and easy accessibility for swift product extraction and flow. Here, our team have outlined the purpose and importance of efficient warehouse design alongside all the considered (and costly) factors that may make 3pl warehouse management the right solution for your business.

warehouse purpose

For larger retail services, products must be catalogued and stored, ready for transport to customers at a moment’s notice. If a warehouse isn’t managed appropriately or the staff are ill-informed of the catalogue system, items can be misplaced, and deliveries can be delayed resulting in a poor customer experience. It’s important to know that warehouse management goes beyond simply loading items to and from a pallet. Warehouse designs that are optimised for efficiency allow ease of operation, better workplace safety, improve productivity and reduce any unnecessary expenses.

Establishing a well-organised warehouse is also important to achieve from the very beginning as layout changes are difficult due to the disruption and additional material needs. An issue many modern warehouse operators can experience is designing their space for current operations without considering the capacity requirements during busier seasons or the ever-evolving technology of the industry. When creating an individualised warehouse, It’s integral to consider the expected future capacity needs and integrate innovative technology as it develops. This scalability and adaptability are some of the many benefits of choosing a 3PL warehousing management.

factors to consider for an optimised warehouse layout

Selecting the most appropriate and effective layout option for a warehouse depends on the availability of space, budget constraints, and product type … for uninterrupted transit of goods, personnel and heavy machinery. For many retail businesses, this requires significant investments in additional sites, machinery and training all before testing out the efficiency of the layout design. Common warehouse designs include U-shaped, I-shaped and L-shaped layouts but extensive testing can determine which style is right for your business.

The first step to establishing an optimised warehouse layout is to design a map of the current measurements available and label the different operation areas and workflow directions. This can be done with warehouse layout design software or through warehouse design experts. When first establishing these zones, it’s important to make use of vertical space for storage and create wide aisles for thoroughfare of employees, forklifts and pallet jacks.

Another consideration to prevent bottlenecking or unnecessary doubling back is to maximise the space between the loading and unloading areas of the warehouse with a staging area (also known as a reception area) for easy sorting of products. Creating an effective picking area near the storage areas will also improve the speed of the pick and pack team for an efficient result. Not only will warehouse staff need to be trained to find all the stock requests in a timely manner but setting up a warehouse requires technology to make inventory visible to the warehouse team and the clients.

streamlined solutions with 3pl warehouse management

Creating and maintaining an efficient warehouse is costly, difficult to manage if low on time and dependent on many factors. It requires testing layouts for optimisation and it is also difficult to scale the space if necessary during those busier times that create an influx of stock storage and rapid movement.

To avoid expensive set-up costs and unnecessary stress, 3PL warehouse services allow effortless inventory and storage management off-site with on-demand scalability. At elite logistics Australia, our team offers comprehensive 3pl warehouse solutions for a streamlined flow of goods and innovative, WMS technology that is fully integrable with your workplace’s current systems. 3pl warehouse management providers allow peace of mind and easy access to inventory for a faultless warehouse experience.

3pl warehousing for peace of mind

At elite logistics Australia, we specialise in handling your complete logistics operations from 3PL warehousing to retail transport solutions. We provide end-to-end logistics solutions with our expansive warehouses with 12,000 pallet capacity across Australia and the meticulous care of our B2B and B2C specialists to ensure a seamless experience. Backed with the latest supply chain technology, a dedicated warehouse team, streamlined pick and pack procedures and an in-house freight fleet, our services are second to none.

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why 3pl warehousing is important for retail business success?

Having top quality products available in store on time is a top priority in retail logistics. This means timely product supply and delivery in the best conditions. Foods should be fresh, clothes should be in good condition and fragile items such as glassware and electronics shouldn’t be damaged. With the rise of e-commerce timely and accurate home delivery has become an important requirement.

Nowadays retail businesses rely more on the packaging, storing, transportation and distribution to achieve success and satisfy customers. The slightest damage to freight during storage or transport, delayed or wrong deliveries can cause retailers to lose their reputation. From this the importance of retail logistics management is evident.

so what are the advantages of 3pl warehouse providers?

The more complex the supply chain, the more important is that the goods arrive on time and at the lowest possible cost, every time. In order to meet customer expectations, retailers should limit their retail logistics investment so they can focus on developing their business and enhancing their operations.  Using a 3PL provider, guarantees service, peace of mind and dedicated support.

1. economies of scale enables retail business to save

It makes sense to choose a partner who has been in the business for a while, who has a stable network and who already has an established roster of local or global clients. The benefits can be particularly useful to companies that would rather focus on acquiring new clients.

A 3PL warehouse partner with a global network enables you to expand quickly into international markets.

2. 3pl warehousing saves a lot of time researching, trying, and failing

Think of all of the calls and quotes you would have to make, the calculations you would have to do. The details of how to set up a network of shippers will also be discussed in detail. There is a lot of work involved, but someone has already done it and excelled at it. You could outsource to a third-party logistics provider to avoid reinventing the wheel. A business can easily fall into the trap of doing everything themselves and risk spreading itself too thin. With the help of a reliable partner, retail businesses have more time to dedicate to areas of their business that will add more value both immediately and in the long run.

3. gaining a competitive advantage

A 3PL partner with enough experience can fill all the gaps in the supply chain. They might even be able to provide your end customers with specialized packing services. Customers are more likely to be delighted by express shipping, free shipping, and same-day delivery, for instance. Offering these perks could give you an edge over your competitors.

4. are you looking to expand new market? third-party logistics can get you into the game

In any business expansion into a new market, a local business partner is essential. The right 3PL partner can help establish a footprint in a short period of time. Their expertise can make capturing market shares easier.

5. customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand increase

Customers have grown to anticipate on-time delivery in the quickly growing and competitive market. You may go one step further by delivering ahead of schedule with the proper 3PL partner. Order fulfilment is the key to winning a customer’s heart and retaining their loyalty.

how elite logistics australia can help enhance your third party logistics setup?

ELA specialises in the retail logistics, FMCG and light industry sectors. Ela offers a complete logistics service that covers freight management, transport and warehousing solutions using the latest in supply chain and freight management technology

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What is a special logistics project?

As experts in end-to-end logistics management, our team know that optimised product storage and transport can require personalised logistics solutions. This is due to each business’ individualised needs and the special circumstances surrounding their logistics projects. With experience offering a comprehensive service including freight management, transport and warehousing, our team have outlined when businesses that are not primed for flexible freight options should turn to a trusted provider, like elite logistics australia, for unique logistics solutions.

change over of seasons

Changing seasons requires removing older stock from the site and unloading seasonal stock, which can leave many retail store’s warehouses over capacity. Whether the business doesn’t have the budget to establish a large warehouse with the time or consideration to prevent bottlenecking, or the business didn’t anticipate the capacity requirements during busier seasons, sometimes scalability and adaptability are required. During these bustling periods, outsourcing logistics and warehouse services can reduce stress and increase the efficiency of the changing merchandise.

“We contracted elite to rollout a major retail injection of seasonal stock into our 50 stores across four major cities in Australia. They embraced the project planning with a no-fuss can-do attitude. Then went about delivering on their promise of delivery on time to our stores in the weeks leading up to Christmas,” one of our happy clients said. “Their communication on the rollout progress and in-store presence and manners were impeccable. Well done to the elite team of drivers and managers.”

store openings

The opening of a new site is exciting for many retail businesses, but it also produces numerous logistics issues. Store openings often require a large amount of stock to be collected from warehouses and delivered by a specific time and date. Timing is crucial to allow freight handlers to offload inventory and employees to stock the merchandise on display all before the store is opened to the public.

New store openings can also necessitate shop fittings and displays to be delivered in the early hours outside of the open times of shopping centres, so as not to interrupt shoppers. This logistics project demands strict adherence to delivery times to be performed seamlessly and without disturbances which could result in reduced sales.

store closures

Similarly, store closures require the swift movement of merchandise, often to multiple locations. This special logistics project demands organisation and efficiency, which can be difficult with in-house freight teams who are not experienced with closure circumstances. Store closures require organised drivers under tight deadlines and time slots with merchandise handling most often completed outside of store hours for minimal disruption to neighbouring sites in shopping centres. To achieve effective logistics and storage services without mishandling inventory during a site closure, expert project management and a specialist freight team are essential. 

specific return logistics

Returns can be a costly component of the supply chain, so they must be managed well to avoid any further expenses. To improve customer relations, logistics teams must ensure swift pick-up of the item to be returned or repaired, and the quick redelivery of the replacement product all with the appropriate storage and reporting of the faulty goods. Thankfully, enlisting the help of 3pl warehousing solutions provides speedy and discrete returns management, attentive quality control and premium customer service to help manage any return logistics.

storage of products

Most retail sites do not have large amounts of storage space available on-site. This can lead to difficulty maintaining and replenishing stock in store. For larger retail services, products must be catalogued and stored, ready for transport to stores or directly to customers at a moment’s notice. If a warehouse isn’t managed appropriately or the staff are ill-informed of the catalogue system, items can be misplaced and deliveries can be delayed causing a poor customer experience.

By outsourcing the warehouse needs to an experienced provider, businesses can ensure that the warehouse is optimised for efficiency by allowing ease of operation, better workplace safety, improving productivity and reducing any unnecessary expenses or double handling of the merchandise. The perfect, cost-effective solution with on-demand scalability due to access to multiple warehouse sites and a fleet of trained freight services ready at a moment’s notice.

streamlined solutions with warehouse management and transportation

Creating and maintaining an efficient warehouse is costly while unexpected orders can also cause tight deadlines and impossible turnarounds. Thankfully, outsourcing logistics and freight management can allow effortless inventory and storage management off-site. To handle all individualised transport situations, we’ve partnered with major freight companies across Australia to provide comprehensive and bespoke solutions for all your product transportation needs.

comprehensive logistics services for total peace of mind

At elite logistics australia, we specialise in handling your complete logistics operations from 3PL warehousing to retail transport solutions. We provide end-to-end logistics solutions with our expansive warehouses with 12,000 pallet capacity across Australia and the meticulous care of our B2B and B2C specialists to ensure a seamless experience. Backed with the latest supply chain technology, a dedicated warehouse team, streamlined pick and pack procedures and an in-house freight fleet, our services are second to none.

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What is Supply Chain Account Management (and Why you Should Consider it)?

If your company transports any sort of stock from one place to another — B2B or B2C — then you’ve probably come across the term supply chain before. It denotes any stage of the production and/or distribution of a commodity; it can save you a hefty sum if optimised correctly or cost you just as much if managed poorly. As part of our professional logistics solutions, elite logistics australia offers complete supply chain account management services so you can ensure everything from freight management to warehouse pick and pack practices are governed accordingly. Keep reading to find out what supply chain account management is and why you should consider it for your business.

Understanding supply chains

When it comes to logistics, a company’s supply chain encompasses a multitude of factors; it is a complete end-to-end process that tracks a product from the supplier all the way to the consumer, this includes storage (whether it be internal or through a 3PL warehouse provider), B2B and/or B2C transportation and tracking throughout. It’s all about the flow of merchandise.

Defining supply chain account management

Supply chain account management relates to the organisation, supervision and optimisation of a company’s supply chain — it’s about interpreting the data and applying it to practise for constant improvement and a more efficient process across several areas including speed, cost, customer service and even sustainability. A supply chain account manager should have established relationships with external freight companies and couriers, and know when best to leverage each one’s service, as well as be able to scale operations effortlessly to meet demand during peak seasons.

Freight management

One vital organ of a company’s supply chain is freight management — efficiently moving goods across the supply chain network. For example, a supply chain account manager handling freight for a retail brand would ensure products are being transported to physical retail stores on time as well as directly to consumers — e-commerce customers who have ordered online directly from the brand’s website. There may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly B2B orders in place that transport merchandise from the 3PL warehouse to the retail stores to ensure stock levels are kept optimally.

Why should you outsource your supply chain account management?

There are three attractive reasons why you should outsource your business’ supply chain account management to a 3PL provider like ELA.

1.     Dedicated and experienced account manager

Depending on the size of your business you will either end up hiring a dedicated supply chain account manager or, take on the role yourself/delegate it to another existing team member. The former can be costly and may not be necessary whereas the latter can cut the allocated person’s time and pull their attention away from other matters they’re more qualified to deal with. By engaging a 3PL provider like ELA, you can benefit from an experienced and dedicated supply chain account manager that will be available exclusively to you and your company — this will be far more cost-effective than hiring your own and you will receive the added bonuses of a vast and complex network of courier/freight company partnerships (as well as our in-house transport fleet).


2.     Premium technology and logistics solutions

Speaking of added bonuses, ELA is home to some of the world’s best and cutting-edge logistics supply chain technology, designed specifically to optimise your freight management (FMS), warehouse management (WMS) and costs. Your dedicated supply chain account manager would have unhindered access to this technology and understand how to expertly leverage it to ensure your entire operations are optimally placed to yield the best results across the board.


3.     Complete transparency and regular updates

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had simple, regular reports presented to you as regularly as you required them with invaluable data poised to help you improve your business? An outsourced supply chain account manager can provide an invaluable and boutique reporting service so you won’t need to waste time or worry about interpreting raw data. In addition to regular updates sent directly to you, our intuitive, easy and completely integrable cloud-based system will allow you to access this information whenever you need it and in real-time.

Are you looking to outsource your supply chain account management?

elite logistics australia is a third-party logistics provider specialising in the retail logistics, FMCG and lightindustrial sectors; we have a vast and centralised 3PL warehouse with state-of-the-art technology and processes. Our clients enjoy dedicated account managers who will help them boost all levels of their supply chain to superior heights using unparalleled business intelligence — keeping costs low and efficiency high is what we excel at.

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Breaking Down Supply Chain Technology (and How it Can Improve Your Business)

Supply chain (noun)
/səˈplaɪ tʃeɪn/

The series of processes involved in the production and supply of goods, from when they are first made, grown, etc. until they are bought or used.

Oxford Learners Dictionary

You can’t look at an operation’s logistics without considering its supply chain — it is exceedingly vital to any retaillight industrial or FMCG operation and should be given an equally as vital amount of thought and attention. Supply chain processes have evolved over the years; we are now at a time where technology can be effortlessly leveraged to simplify operations immensely. Our Melbourne 3PL specialists have experience leveraging such technology and have drilled down to the basics of supply chain technology, offering some examples and outlining how they can help your business and its operations.

The broad strokes

Broadly speaking, supply chain technology is any piece of technology or digital equipment that can be used to streamline your supply chain operations — which, in itself is a pretty alluring sales pitch. From simple scheduling applications to fully integrated freight management systems (FMS), there is a lot that modern supply chain tech can offer your business.

The finer details — supply chain technology in action

Now, when we broadly stated “streamline”, what we meant was cutting your costs and improving your delivery times. This all starts with the technology you’ve put into place. Say you’re a fast-fashion retailer and, like many businesses, you’ve recently started conducting the bulk of your business online.

Your e-commerce platform is the inception of your customer’s journey, its ability to effectively communicate with your other systems that an order has been placed and will need to be shipped to location X by Y date is paramount. The difference between good and excellent supply chain technology is that the latter will be able to integrate with your e-commerce and CRM systems to ensure the order is communicated seamlessly to your Melbourne 3PL provider.

It is then up to your 3PL provider and the various other technology they may implement to ensure the order is picked, packed, and shipped appropriately and efficiently. As we stated, streamline is the keyword here — it’s all about keeping your costs low and efficiency high.

Keeping costs low and efficiency high

It’s no secret that if something can be done properly in a shorter amount of time, it will cost less, allowing for more time to be allocated to other tasks. That’s exactly what supply chain technology does. A Melbourne-based 3PL company like elite logistics australia harnesses the power of state-of-the-art supply chain tech and systems to ensure all items are meticulously inventoried for easy locating and fast despatching.

Examples of supply chain technology 

Numerous technologies can be leveraged to improve logistics management and streamline your operations.

Warehouse management systems (WMS)

Visibility is fundamental to any logistics operation and a WMS is the best way to achieve it. A WMS can ensure a 3PL provider is taking full advantage of their space and staff labour to guarantee efficient fulfilment. As premium Melbourne 3PL providers, ELA utilises a fully integrable tier-one WMS with real-time inventory monitoring that can be accessed at any time via a centralised cloud platform.

Fleet management system (FMS)

A fleet management system (FMS) is essential to ensuring despatch management, order management and delivery times are optimised for the best result. For example, this intelligent technology can analyse driver routes to find more efficient alternatives. Additionally, real-time tracking and monitoring are accessible along with an easily navigable dashboard that presents key insights.

Freight management system (FMS)

The other FMS is a freight management system, which is similar to the aforementioned fleet management system, but instead deals with the entire freight arm of a logistics operation. This FMS allows for easy consignment creation and tracking. It also acts as a platform that consolidates all freight bookings and where email and SMS messages can be automated to go out to customers. Most importantly, it also gives you unparalleled live business intelligence and insights into how your operations can be improved.

ELA — specialist Melbourne 3PL providers

What you need to ask yourself is “is my supply chain operation situated to give me the best result across the board?” because that is what it’s all about, and elite logistics australia is the Melbourne 3PL provider that is best armed to help you achieve this goal. Leveraging internationally renowned supply chain technology, we can bring your costs down whilst driving efficiency to its peak and allowing your business to thrive in competitive markets.

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Essential Knowledge: Your Guide to Logistics Management

Logistics management is a crucial step in any business’ supply chain operation — but what does logistics actually entail? If you are looking to outsource your business’ logistics operations, then it’s important to understand every aspect and who better to guide you through than our elite team of specialists?

Defining logistics

Logistics concerns the planning and implementation of any multifaceted operation, which, in a business sense, can generally relate to the end-to-end operation of moving goods from point A to B. The most important element of logistics (and where professional management comes into play) is establishing a natural workflow that complements other operations. Whilst this is a broad-stroke simplification of the practice, there are three key areas that encompass logistics management — general planning, transportation management and warehouse management.


Comprehensive research and planning are required to optimally action an effective logistics plan that suits a business’ supply chain. Let’s use a fashion retail store, for example, that sells both online and in-store at multiple locations across the country. Outsourcing their entire logistics operation to a 3PL provider can mitigate the need to hire more staff and rent/purchase land for product storage.

From a logistics management point of view, items will need to be catalogued and stored accordingly so that they are easily accessible to be despatched out for online orders or in-store stock requests as well uploaded to a digital database that the business owner and managers can access whenever they require. This involves intricate planning; factors must be taken into account such as:

  • Store locations and distances from the warehouse.
  • Does the retailer provide international shipping?
  • How much stock is stored in a warehouse on average and is there room to scale for busy days and sales.
  • Are there any special wrapping/packaging or storage requirements?

Transport management

Transportation is an integral part of any logistics operation concentrating on the stock’s movement between locations. A solid transport operation relies on stability, information and transparency. A good logistics management company will always strive to use the best available information to provide the most efficient transport operation and, whilst the client won’t need to know all the details — those details should nonetheless be accessible to them via a centralised cloud environment. Some key aspects of transport management include:

  • Planning optimal routes: This can require some trialling to find the fastest and most efficient route; routes should be constantly optimised for where possible to achieve the best results.
  • Finding the right freight companies: Different freight companies have their own pros and cons so finding one that suits the requirements is imperative; at ELA we have our own in-house fleet as well as partnerships with leading transport companies.
  • Leveraging technology: Taking advantage of a modern freight management system (FMS) is key to unlocking your transport logistics’ true potential; an FMS allows access to the aforementioned information as well as stock tracking, freight invoicing and premium business intelligence and insights.

Warehouse management

When products aren’t being transported they must be stored and catalogued, and that’s where warehouse management comes in — the division of logistics that deals with the storage, cataloguing and pick-packing of the products in question so they are ready to be despatched at a moment’s notice. Warehouse management goes beyond simply loading items onto a pallet and storing them on a high shelf — some of the integral features encompass:

  • Pick and packing: Warehouse staff will work to pick the items listed on an invoice (this could be an online order from a customer or a stock request from a physical store) and pack them appropriately so they can be despatched on time.
  • Cataloguing: Stored items must be catalogued efficiently so they can be easily located via a WMS and then found on the floor; ELA implements a complete tier 1 WMS which allows for a speedy and streamlined pick-and-pack operation.
  • Scalability: A great 3PL warehouse provider will offer scalable solutions tailored for stores and retailers that experience busy periods throughout the year — allowing for the impromptu upscale to account for an influx of items.
  • Technology: Warehouse management requires a significant investment in technology to ensure not only visibility for the client but also that the most efficient practices are being followed in order to pick the items as quickly and accurately as possible.

Logistics solutions made easy

At elite logistics australia, we specialise in handling your complete logistics operations from 3PL warehousing to retail transport solutions. Backed with the latest supply chain technology, a dedicated warehouse team and an in-house freight fleet, our services are second to none; take advantage of a personalised, comprehensive and most importantly, efficient logistics management service today and take a load off your shoulders.

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The Beginners Guide to 3PL (Third-Party Logistics)

When looking at the world of logistics you’re bound to come across the term 3PL — or third-party logistics. This is an imperative term that will come in handy regardless of your industry. 3PL services cover everything from warehousing to freight management; if you are looking to outsource your logistics operations to a 3PL operator such as elite logistics australia, then keep reading to find out the fundamentals including 3PL warehouse management and scalable software integration services.

3PL in a nutshell

Any company that trades in physical stock will need to store their products somewhere; the larger the business the more products are bound to need storage and transportation services. At some point, this can become too much and often too expensive to handle internally, and that’s where third-party logistics comes in as a solution designed to solve all those problems.

3PL packages all the attractive services and needs of logistics in one outsourceable bundle, giving you more time to concentrate on pressing matters within your business whilst still allowing you to check stock levels and enjoy full transparency of the logistics operations. There are several advantages to third-party logistics, but the primary benefits are what we’re going to be mostly concentrating on in this guide.

3PL warehousing

Potentially the most attractive element of third-party logistics is the 3PL warehouse service. Warehousing in the 3PL sector is about more than just storing your inventory, but about having the capability to scale the space when necessary. For retail stores, boxing day or black Friday will mean a temporary influx of stock that will need to be stored and moved rapidly; this is something that a 3PL warehouse provider should be able to manage effortlessly.

In addition to on-demand scalability, a proficient 3PL provider will employ uniform and smart inventory practices to ensure that all stock is catalogued and accessible not only physically, but also digitally so you can see precisely what and how much stock you have. The latter is achieved via integrable digital solutions that enable you to access everything related to your business’ logistics in a single online environment.

Integrable and scalable cloud services

A modern business deserves modern technology to complement and that’s why any professional 3PL vendor such as ELA will employ state-of-the-art cloud-based logistics solutions, including freight management systems (FMS) and warehouse management systems (WMS), that will allow you to integrate all your existing systems for streamlined access.

Get everything from real-time freight updates, route performance and efficiency reports to full tier-one WMS capabilities completely integrable with your ERP. This integration and scalability allows you to be as involved in the statistical and logistical side of things as you want to be, giving you the option to review performance statistics anytime you want to or simply leave it all up to the 3PL provider.

Streamlined fulfilment solutions

When you engage a 3PL provider, you’re not just outsourcing your stock to a 3PL warehouse or allowing them to handle your freight but are also gaining said provider’s extensive freight network; these networks unlock next-level capabilities such as seamless same-day or next-day delivery, growing your eCommerce capabilities and offerings, allowing you to effortlessly scale your service to meet the needs of certain customers.

The right 3PL provider will have dealings with a range of couriers so they can choose the appropriate vendor for each job. Combined with the scalable 3PL warehousing solutions, eCommerce will become a simple and streamlined operation that will provide professional top-tier service to your consumers.

3PL providers are cost-effective

Did you know that outsourcing your logistics can actually be more cost-effective? Maintaining a warehouse, for example, can become quite costly; and the time you spend handling in-house logistics means less time spent on other important aspects such as potential sales-boosting opportunities.

A 3PL provider will manage everything and use their own facilities meaning you won’t have to take on the extra maintenance or running costs; you also won’t have to worry about hiring extra staff and managers to oversee the day-to-day operations. Do yourself a favour, if you’re looking to expand or have recently expanded your business and require reliable, scalable and modern 3PL providers, then reach out to us today.

ELA — 3PL specialists that care

elite logistics australia are 3PL specialists that are with you every step of the way, ensuring all your needs are looked after and that all your logistics goals are achieved and surpassed. We operate Australia-wide, own a state-of-the-art 3PL warehouse in Victoria, employ cutting-edge integrable logistics and supply chain technology and have partnerships with all the top courier services. With an in-house fleet of trucks, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more efficient and down-to-Earth 3PL provider.

Take your business to the next level with ELA today. You can contact us by calling 0437 937 333 or filling out our online enquiry form below so our team can get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Passionate Clients: Footlocker

Zane Dempster is Footlocker’s Director of Supply Chain for Asia Pacific and is incredibly passionate about what he does. Why? Because he simply loves sneakers.

From the dream Pippens he wanted growing up to blacked-out Yeezys — Zane is one of those lucky enough to work in the industry that he loves and, through his directorial position at Footlocker, can ensure that thousands of kids, teens and adults all over the Asia Pacific region can get the sneakers they love and will enjoy for years to come.

Take a look at the video to take a quick peak at Zane’s impressive collection.

Freshened up logo!

We are proud to to release our original but freshened up logo! 

In addition, over the coming months, we will be unveiling our new website which will perfectly reflect our commitment to the latest technology as well as ease of use when providing you with quality and comprehensive logistics solutions. This will create a pleasant and beneficial experience for customers both existing and new. It’s easier now than ever to locate our specific servicesfrequently asked questions or even just get to know the team a bit better. Most importantly, we’re just a phone call or email away so if you have any questions, enquiries or just want to say hello — please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our new logo will also feature on our new signage coming to our brand new, 23,500 m2 warehouse/3PL facility…

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