Many business owners struggle to juggle between the management of their business’ logistics and the business’ main activities. Often, the best way to tackle the issue is to pick one as a focus and outsource the other. In most situations, outsourcing your logistics operations to a 3pl logistics provider is the best course of action. A strong performing 3PL provider can help you increase efficiency, control costs, and improve customer service. When deciding to outsource some or all of your logistics to a 3PL partner, there are a myriad of factors to consider. Our experts at elite logistics australia have put together 5 essential elements you need to look out for when picking a 3PL provider.  

1.     Logistics capabilities

Every industry has different fulfilment and distribution workflows and requirements. It is vital that the 3PL company you want to partner with have extensive experience in your specific area. While most 3PL partners cover a range of industries, you should always analyse their core competencies and capabilities to ensure the services offered can satisfy your current and future requirements. 

It is also necessary to review the range of offerings provided by the 3PL company you are considering. The more coverage a single 3PL provider can offer, the more seamless your supply chain will be. A 3PL partner that offers omnichannel distribution and fulfilment is often ideal as they will likely be able to handle all aspects of your operational requirements and may be able to customise a solution to meet any specific needs. Selecting a provider that understands the nuances of your supply chain is also key to ensuring they can deliver the best experience to your customers. An effective 3PL company should also practice continuous improvement to suggest and implement best practices across your business operations to help your company stand out from the competition. 

2.     Good customer service 

Like all other businesses, having a strong customer base is key in ensuring business growth and a healthy stream of revenue. When picking a 3PL provider, it is critical to verify that your 3PL partner is committed to prioritizing customer service, responsiveness, and communication. Having a 3PL partner that can support the level of quality your customers are accustomed to regardless of market conditions is important to ensure your brand image is well-maintained. Your 3PL provider should be committed to your growth and have the ability to positively represent your business and match your required level of professionalism.

3.     Commitment to technology

Regardless of your business’ current workflow or management system, it is important that your 3PL partner can integrate not only with your existing processes but also any future ones you might have in mind. The right 3PL provider should help you leverage technology to improve and optimise your operations – ultimately improving your entire supply chain.

It is also imperative to look for 3PL partners that can offer custom software solutions and business intelligence solutions beyond the basics. This will offer you data that can provide insight and direction in making informed and timely business decisions to continuously improve business processes. Having a 3PL logistics provider equipped with a knowledgeable IT team also helps in ensuring any IT issues can be easily and quickly fixed. 

Using data analytics to understand business movements and trends

4.     Safety and security

An often missed characteristic when picking a 3PL provider is considering the company’s safety and security. Due to the ever-changing landscape of safety requirements, you should select a carrier with a strong safety record. Besides all the necessary safety training, compliances and certifications for its employees, a responsible 3PL logistics partner should ensure the protection of your data and business resources. 

5.     Adaptability and scalability

Adaptability, growth and scalability are critical considerations when choosing a 3PL provider. Ideally, you want to stay with the same provider over a long period of time. You wouldn’t want to pick one that only caters to your current business conditions and then have to switch to another quickly because your business grew faster than expected or your 3PL partner is unable to cope with changes to your business. Having to switch providers multiple times over a few short years can cost your business both time and money. If you’re looking to expand the business to other countries as well, another factor to consider is whether your 3PL provider can ship internationally, efficiently and economically. Hence, picking a partner that can adapt and scale along with your company’s growth is vital. 

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