As experts in end-to-end logistics management, our team know that optimised product storage and transport can require personalised logistics solutions. This is due to each business’ individualised needs and the special circumstances surrounding their logistics projects. With experience offering a comprehensive service including freight management, transport and warehousing, our team have outlined when businesses that are not primed for flexible freight options should turn to a trusted provider, like elite logistics australia, for unique logistics solutions.

change over of seasons

Changing seasons requires removing older stock from the site and unloading seasonal stock, which can leave many retail store’s warehouses over capacity. Whether the business doesn’t have the budget to establish a large warehouse with the time or consideration to prevent bottlenecking, or the business didn’t anticipate the capacity requirements during busier seasons, sometimes scalability and adaptability are required. During these bustling periods, outsourcing logistics and warehouse services can reduce stress and increase the efficiency of the changing merchandise.

“We contracted elite to rollout a major retail injection of seasonal stock into our 50 stores across four major cities in Australia. They embraced the project planning with a no-fuss can-do attitude. Then went about delivering on their promise of delivery on time to our stores in the weeks leading up to Christmas,” one of our happy clients said. “Their communication on the rollout progress and in-store presence and manners were impeccable. Well done to the elite team of drivers and managers.”

store openings

The opening of a new site is exciting for many retail businesses, but it also produces numerous logistics issues. Store openings often require a large amount of stock to be collected from warehouses and delivered by a specific time and date. Timing is crucial to allow freight handlers to offload inventory and employees to stock the merchandise on display all before the store is opened to the public.

New store openings can also necessitate shop fittings and displays to be delivered in the early hours outside of the open times of shopping centres, so as not to interrupt shoppers. This logistics project demands strict adherence to delivery times to be performed seamlessly and without disturbances which could result in reduced sales.

store closures

Similarly, store closures require the swift movement of merchandise, often to multiple locations. This special logistics project demands organisation and efficiency, which can be difficult with in-house freight teams who are not experienced with closure circumstances. Store closures require organised drivers under tight deadlines and time slots with merchandise handling most often completed outside of store hours for minimal disruption to neighbouring sites in shopping centres. To achieve effective logistics and storage services without mishandling inventory during a site closure, expert project management and a specialist freight team are essential. 

specific return logistics

Returns can be a costly component of the supply chain, so they must be managed well to avoid any further expenses. To improve customer relations, logistics teams must ensure swift pick-up of the item to be returned or repaired, and the quick redelivery of the replacement product all with the appropriate storage and reporting of the faulty goods. Thankfully, enlisting the help of 3pl warehousing solutions provides speedy and discrete returns management, attentive quality control and premium customer service to help manage any return logistics.

storage of products

Most retail sites do not have large amounts of storage space available on-site. This can lead to difficulty maintaining and replenishing stock in store. For larger retail services, products must be catalogued and stored, ready for transport to stores or directly to customers at a moment’s notice. If a warehouse isn’t managed appropriately or the staff are ill-informed of the catalogue system, items can be misplaced and deliveries can be delayed causing a poor customer experience.

By outsourcing the warehouse needs to an experienced provider, businesses can ensure that the warehouse is optimised for efficiency by allowing ease of operation, better workplace safety, improving productivity and reducing any unnecessary expenses or double handling of the merchandise. The perfect, cost-effective solution with on-demand scalability due to access to multiple warehouse sites and a fleet of trained freight services ready at a moment’s notice.

streamlined solutions with warehouse management and transportation

Creating and maintaining an efficient warehouse is costly while unexpected orders can also cause tight deadlines and impossible turnarounds. Thankfully, outsourcing logistics and freight management can allow effortless inventory and storage management off-site. To handle all individualised transport situations, we’ve partnered with major freight companies across Australia to provide comprehensive and bespoke solutions for all your product transportation needs.

comprehensive logistics services for total peace of mind

At elite logistics australia, we specialise in handling your complete logistics operations from 3PL warehousing to retail transport solutions. We provide end-to-end logistics solutions with our expansive warehouses with 12,000 pallet capacity across Australia and the meticulous care of our B2B and B2C specialists to ensure a seamless experience. Backed with the latest supply chain technology, a dedicated warehouse team, streamlined pick and pack procedures and an in-house freight fleet, our services are second to none.

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