If you’re looking for an easy and complete way to improve your business’ logistics solutions, then you might want to consider our freight management services. Through superior, integrated technologies and partnerships with leading transport companies — elite logistics australia can help your business cut costs and time. Some of the tasks we can manage on your behalf include:

  • Multi-carrier despatch platforms
  • Carrier enquiry management.
  • Weekly DIFOTs.
  • Monthly operational and financial reports.
  • Annual benchmarking analysis.
  • Monitor timeslots.

how we improve and add value to your business

By choosing to outsource your logistics and freight management you’re freeing up your own time and that of your staff to concentrate on more important matters. Meanwhile, our industry experts can handle everything from general account management to supply chain and process improvements and cutting-edge logistics solutions such as our real-time business intelligence analytics. You will also enjoy fully integrated, enterprise-level WMSs and FMSs for a seamless digital experience.

We offer tailored freight solutions; with over 15 years of service, we offer a complete customised freight management solution. Partnering with elite logistics Australia will enable you to focus on your clients and business and allow us to take care of your domestic transport requirements. Our proven processes and technology allow us to provide elite service.


Elite has an established network of carriers from the top tier transport companies to the niche local transport providers. Some of the carriers that we utilise are Toll, Startrack, TNT, Direct Freight, and Aust Post, just to name a few. Elite will work with you to find the ideal carrier in terms of price, service and technology.

Our transport services, include Same day, interstate, intrastate, air freight, B2C, B2B, DGs, special projects, carton rates pallet rates, full loads- the whole spectrum!

We pride ourselves on having leading-edge technology.  Integrations & Automation are no longer a nice thing to have – it is essential.

Integrating systems is something that we enjoy. Our multiple carrier transport management systems are fully integrated with all our partner carriers, so you will enjoy technology that has all of your carriers, prices, services and data all in one environment.

elite logistics australia’s FMS (Fleet Management Software) allows transport companies to manage their drivers and control the operations of their fleet of drivers. elite logistics Australia’s enterprise Fleet Management Software utilises real-time freight tracking technology as well as:

  • Route planning and optimisation.
  • Allocations management and optimisation.
  • Reporting and dashboards.
  • Order management.
  • Despatch management.
  • GPS driver tracking/order tracking in real-time with mapping.
  • Digital dashboards — KPIs and DIFOT.
  • Delivery timestamps and notifications.
  • Visible on Android and IOS apps.

Information is the key to building an efficient supply chain, but it can be a hassle keeping up with all the data when you have so much on your plate. elite logistics australia employ in-house specialists who will condense and deliver daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports that show you the essential information with recommendations on how you can further improve in areas such as spending and transit routes. Some of the elements included in our reports are:

  • KPIs.
  • Daily trends.
  • Carrier spend and performance summaries.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and exceptional freight management solution for your company, then look no further than Elite Logistics Australia. Don’t waste time, energy and resources navigating the business of freight management in-house; when you can outsource to a professional, dedicated team. We utilise updated, cutting-edge supply chain technology, streamlined pick and pack procedures and an in-house freight fleet to provide timely, costly, and accurate deliveries to your clients. Our expansive warehouses have 12,000 pallet capacity across Australia and the meticulous care of our B2B and B2C specialists ensures a seamless experience.

To find out more about what we can do for your business, get in contact with us today by calling 1300 652 157 or filling out our online contact form.

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