Some of the main reason businesses choose warehousing operations such as Elite Logistics Australia for their product deliveries is to optimise delivery costs and increase efficiency. Pick and pack warehousing is the process of a logistics warehouse. It involves receiving and sorting shipments of items for packaging and delivery to customers. The pick and pack process is essential for optimising costs and customer experiences for businesses.

In a warehouse, pick and pack fulfilment is the process that occurs after an order is placed. Warehouse picking is when you use a picking list to find & retrieve the proper quantities of each product from its respective location in the warehouse.

An Example of Pick and Pack Warehousing

For example, an order arrives at the warehouse in a full shipping container with items that need to be split and put away at planned warehouse locations. This order is then registered into an inventory management system so that all items can be tracked and taken care of. To maximise efficiency, orders will be ‘picked’ to be delivered with a series of other orders all with destinations along a similar route.  Pickers are directed using the latest technology to confirm the right products and the correct quantity of each are scanned for a delivery cycle. The orders are then ‘packed’ into appropriate packaging and staged to a dispatch grid awaiting transportation. All packages are labelled with destination details and manifested to a transport management platform. The software provides live updates of the packages’ transport activity.

The benefits of large-scale warehousing operations

There are many advantages of warehousing. One that stands out is its ability to reduce the time it takes for your goods or materials from arriving at their destination. This means less downtime and increased productivity as you can get back on track more quickly.

Large-scale warehousing will give you access to:

  • Modern buildings.
  • Latest technology In terms of WMS and TMS. (Warehouse Management Systems and Transport Management Systems.)
  • Shared costs.
  • Learning from other clients and experienced logistics professionals.

Pick and Pack Warehousing Issues

The pick and pack process can be an enormous chunk of warehouse operational costs. Live updates are an important part of the optimisation process. It is essential that products and orders are marked accurately so that orders can be completed to full capacity. If 50 units of a product either did not arrive or have already been delivered, yet are still registered as present in the warehouse, it may generate issues for later orders that require those units.
For Example, 500 jumpers are marked as ready for delivery in the warehouse. However, inaccurate updating means there may only be 400 available. Meanwhile, an order of 500 is required for delivery at a retailer in Essendon. This order will now be delayed until an extra 100 units are delivered, adding extra cost to the operational expenditure, and delays to the retailer’s order.

Other issues that can arise include missing information or mislabeled orders during the packing process. If products have been misplaced in the warehouse or the packing has been completed incorrectly, the wrong items or number of items may be delivered or to the wrong address and so forth.  

Modern pick and pack warehousing businesses should be up to date with the latest real-time inventory monitoring capabilities to deliver optimised delivery times, lower-cost orders with exceptional accuracy. This allows the warehousing business and customers to keep track of their products throughout the entire shipping process.

Why choose Pick and Pack warehousing for your business?

Businesses choose pick and pack warehousing operations such as Elite Logistics Australia because we offer accuracy and accountability of your products and merchandise throughout the delivery process, whilst also decreasing turnaround times and lowering operating costs. By utilising the best, cutting-edge operating systems and integrations, Elite Logistics Australia runs an efficient and smooth warehousing operation so your products can be delivered accurately. Our expansive warehouses have 12,000 pallet capacity across Australia and the meticulous care of our B2B and B2C specialists ensures a seamless logistics experience.

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