Having top quality products available in store on time is a top priority in retail logistics. This means timely product supply and delivery in the best conditions. Foods should be fresh, clothes should be in good condition and fragile items such as glassware and electronics shouldn’t be damaged. With the rise of e-commerce timely and accurate home delivery has become an important requirement.

Nowadays retail businesses rely more on the packaging, storing, transportation and distribution to achieve success and satisfy customers. The slightest damage to freight during storage or transport, delayed or wrong deliveries can cause retailers to lose their reputation. From this the importance of retail logistics management is evident.

so what are the advantages of 3pl warehouse providers?

The more complex the supply chain, the more important is that the goods arrive on time and at the lowest possible cost, every time. In order to meet customer expectations, retailers should limit their retail logistics investment so they can focus on developing their business and enhancing their operations.  Using a 3PL provider, guarantees service, peace of mind and dedicated support.

1. economies of scale enables retail business to save

It makes sense to choose a partner who has been in the business for a while, who has a stable network and who already has an established roster of local or global clients. The benefits can be particularly useful to companies that would rather focus on acquiring new clients.

A 3PL warehouse partner with a global network enables you to expand quickly into international markets.

2. 3pl warehousing saves a lot of time researching, trying, and failing

Think of all of the calls and quotes you would have to make, the calculations you would have to do. The details of how to set up a network of shippers will also be discussed in detail. There is a lot of work involved, but someone has already done it and excelled at it. You could outsource to a third-party logistics provider to avoid reinventing the wheel. A business can easily fall into the trap of doing everything themselves and risk spreading itself too thin. With the help of a reliable partner, retail businesses have more time to dedicate to areas of their business that will add more value both immediately and in the long run.

3. gaining a competitive advantage

A 3PL partner with enough experience can fill all the gaps in the supply chain. They might even be able to provide your end customers with specialized packing services. Customers are more likely to be delighted by express shipping, free shipping, and same-day delivery, for instance. Offering these perks could give you an edge over your competitors.

4. are you looking to expand new market? third-party logistics can get you into the game

In any business expansion into a new market, a local business partner is essential. The right 3PL partner can help establish a footprint in a short period of time. Their expertise can make capturing market shares easier.

5. customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand increase

Customers have grown to anticipate on-time delivery in the quickly growing and competitive market. You may go one step further by delivering ahead of schedule with the proper 3PL partner. Order fulfilment is the key to winning a customer’s heart and retaining their loyalty.

how elite logistics australia can help enhance your third party logistics setup?

ELA specialises in the retail logistics, FMCG and light industry sectors. Ela offers a complete logistics service that covers freight management, transport and warehousing solutions using the latest in supply chain and freight management technology

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