elite logistics australia utilises market-leading enterprise freight/fleet management software with real-time freight tracking technology to simplify the dispatching process and increase logistical efficiency. Through the latest cloud-based software technology, not only will you save time and money, but also have full visibility of your complete domestic supply chain.

Freight Management System

elite logistics australia’s FMS (Freight Management Systems) allows shippers to create consignments from multiple carriers in the one environment, giving you visibility of both B2B and B2C movements in a single cloud-based environment. Our Freight Management System lets you enjoy:

  • A multicarrier despatch platform.
  • Centralisation of all freight bookings.
  • The ability to use the most economical and appropriate service across multiple carriers and carrier services.
  • A centralised point for consignment tracking, PODS and enquiry management.
  • The ability to send automated SMS or email notifications.
  • Consolidated reconciled freight invoices.
  • Live reporting and Business Intelligence.
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Fleet Management Software

elite logistics australia’s FMS (Fleet Management Software) allows transport companies to manage their drivers and control the operations of their fleet of drivers. elite logistics australia’s enterprise Fleet Management Software utilises real-time freight tracking technology as well as:

  • Route planning and optimisation.
  • Allocations management and optimisation.
  • Reporting and dashboards.
  • Order management.
  • Despatch management.
  • GPS driver tracking/order tracking in real-time with mapping.
  • Digital dashboards — KPIs and DIFOT.
  • Delivery timestamps and notifications.
  • Visible on Android and IOS apps.

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